2 hours ago

Yet again another article nitpicking the silly marketing name of the paleo approach rather than actually discussing what it really is. ALL the originators of this approach stress the importance of wild game meat and pasture raised animals. Many even say its better to not eat meat at all if its not wild game or pasture raised. The main reason to not eat wheat is that its been radically transformed over the past century into something that is truly bad for human beings. You can indeed survive on it but you will suffer from chronic health problems. People who suffer from Celiacs can actually eat ancestral strains of wheat with not nearly the same reaction due to the completely different genetic makeup of the plants. Modern wheat is engineered for yield. Thats it. As result its now more or less a toxin. ALL the paleo cookbooks I have stress the importance of microbes, with recipes for kimchi and sourkraut etc. I love Mr Pollan but this seems more like click bait than an actual look at what the paleo diet really encompasses. No where does he explain whats wrong with it. There isn’t anything wrong with it if its done properly.